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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Helping Dad Part 2

I test the doorbell

"Baby Skye" delights in us men working

I show Skye "our" new digs

Dad's Assistant

My sister is about to turn 1 this Friday, April 14th so the other day Dad and I put together her present. My parents got her (and me) a playhouse for outside.

After playing the whole day I was involved in some child labor thing. Isn't there a law about this type of thing? I need to Google that!

Here are some pics of how things went down or up in this case.
Dad took the base out of the box..I rested while he got his power tools

Holding the wall for Dad

Checking out the plumbing

Making sure Dad put the knob on correctly

We hold a meeting about the sturdyness of the door.

I help dad secure the roof

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