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Monday, September 04, 2006

Rest in Peace Crocodile Hunter

This morning my mom was upset over the untimely death of Steve "Criky" Irwin or the Crocodile Hunter. My aunt called to see if she had heard then she got an email from my Godmother. We will miss him and his enthusiasm.

He was killed in a freakishly scary Stingray accident, while filming off the Batt Raff in Queensland. He came too close to a the poisonous barb on the stingray tail and was killed when it pierced his heart. It is rare to get stung by one but to be stung in such a fatal area is just so sad.

How strange to think that something like this can happen to someone who has dedicated his life to living and working with animals. He has done so much for Australia

We have watched Steve Irwin over and over again on my Wiggle Safari tape.
I am so sad for his family, especially his daughter Bindi. I have watched her and her father on my Wiggle tape for the past two years and my thoughts are with her, her mommy and her little brother. My deepest condolences on such a devastating loss he will most surely be missed!


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